Don’t Blame God

If you got yourself into a relationship and that relationship turned bad – don’t blame God. People are free to make choices. God made us that way. It was 1) your choice to get into that relationship or situation and 2) the other person’s choice to get into that relationship or situation. Whatever went bad with that is on the two of you – not on God.

If you became a drug addict, alcoholic, or abuser of others – that was your choice. Stop blaming God for your mistakes and errors of life.

God is standing by waiting to heal you, love you, comfort you, lead and teach you. It is your fault if you continue to turn your back on God. Don’t blame God.

Whenever you die (or if Jesus comes back for us before that time), if you have not accepted and received that Jesus Christ is  the Son of God, came in the flesh, died on the cross to pay for all the sins of everyone, and now sits on the right hand of the Father in heaven – if you do not accept these facts and receive Jesus into your heart and life, don’t blame me and don’t blame God. I am free from being blamed because I have told you the truth. I just gave you the answer to your problems.

God sent me through this writing to tell you that His Son Jesus Christ is an option for you. You can escape eternal hell and torment. God is free from blame if you reject and refuse to receive salvation through Jesus Christ.

It is your choice! If you get left out of heaven and the peace, mercy, and love of God – don’t blame God. Choose now!

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